field of BIM application


  1. Business Overview
  2. • IC Alignment: Design of Linear Overlaid Section with Spiral, Compound, Orientation Curve, Ovular Design, and End-Lay Analysis
    • 3D accurate representation of complex surface features such as separation roads and intersections
    • 3D accurate representation of the shape of the green zone considering the piping shapes of the IC part
    • Automatic calculation of soil volume through corridor model
    • Extract arbitrary point plan reports through Surface construction
    • Analysis of drainage basin and rainwater flow after facility planning
    • Create a cut-off plot.
    • Landscape simulation


  1. Business Overview
  2. • Alignment & End-Lay style application in accordance with railroad design standards
    • 3D parabola design application
    • End-Lay data compatible with Tacoma
    • Linear, End-Lay, Vertical-Lay dynamic model


  1. Business Overview
  2. • Review of route location and material volume by 3D terrain image during port dredging
    • Bird and dig, isothermal line analysis, water-surface map drawing
    • A review on the Breakwater Considering Various Shapes of Undersea Geography


  1. Business Overview
  2. • Main point plan decision
     - Determining the plan for road and block considering design basis and earth-volume balance  - Review of analysis of rainwater flow and appropriateness of plan through Surface composition  - Analysis of elevation, slope, and basin area • Automatic generation of transversal cross section
    • Approximate earthwork quantity
    • Determine the amount of deodorant in each step and its impact on topography changes.
    • Extracting Random Point Plan by Surface Composition
    • Analysis of Drainage Basin and Water Flow after Facility Planning
    • Create a Cutting Earth Plot
    • landscape simulation

Water Resources

  1. Business Overview
  2. • 3D Modeling and Flow Rate Calculation when River Shape Changes due to New, Extended, and dredge
    • Calculate the water supply and mark the water level boundary
    • 3D representation of junction plan when connecting adjacent waterways

Golf Field

  1. Business Overview
  2. • End-to-End design considered with land shape
    • Cross-sectional planning considered with topographical status and course flooring
    • An accurate representation of the curves created by the designer’s experience on cross-sectional and longitudinal drawings
    • Graphic representation of topographical changes after golf course construction in 3D
    • The above concepts can also be applied to the design of ski resorts and tariffication sites


  1. Business Overview
  2. • Main point plan decision
     : 3D accurately describes facilities with complex surface features, such as runway and taxiway junction points, and superelevation-sloped areas with high-speed taxiways.
    • 3D representation of the landing strip gradient considering the gradient of pavement and drainage
    • Automatic calculation of pavement plans
    • Obstacle Restriction Surface 3D Modeling
     : Take-off approach surface, horizontal surface, and conical surface are modeled in 3D.
     : Immediate calculation of the cut amount
    • Calculation of soil volume


  1. Business Overview
  2. • River water system analysis
    • Earthquake analysis
    • Tariffication field design