BIM Project Services


  1. By combining the latest BIM technologies of the construction project, IIT Co. provides BIM project services and consulting to integrate and manage a series of construction-related processes up to 3D (modeling)/4D/5D/FMS.
  2. Business overview
  3. BIM is a process that builds 3D BIM models from basic planning of construction projects to the stage of design, construction, and operation/maintenance, and increases efficiency across construction-related tasks by entering and utilizing consistent, systematic information based on established 3D models.
    1. Quick decision-making & diverse alternative suggestion
    2. • Visual design review & improved construction related persons’ communication by 3D view
      • Quick and accurate analysis of requirements and budgets for multiple designs suggestions
    1. Design & Construction quality improvement
    2. • Design using a single 3D model reduces errors and omissions in construction books
      • Easy to identify errors, such as interference in design objects, through a three-dimensional model and flexible response to design changes
    1. Efficient execution/management & reduction on cost/time
    2. • Increase the efficiency of business management across design and construction using 3D drawing information
      • Application of virtual construction with 3D model reduces design change and retries
      • Speed Up of Design Operations and Designs Changes with Dynamic Interaction between Objects
      • Calculate the exact quantity associated with the drawing
      •Reducing project overhead costs by putting resources, manpower, and equipment in the right time
    1. Safety & Environmentalism improvement
    2. • Establish safety measures in advance by identifying on-site hazards such as falls through simulation.
      • Use 3D models for safety training to improve education efficiency
      • Improving environmental performance through eco-friendly energy simulation
    1. Maintenance efficiency improvement
    2. •Efficient building asset management
      • Convenient inspection & log management
    1. Expands orders
    2. • Expands design quality architecture project orders with the best technique background

Infrastructure & Labor Structure

  1. Infrastructure and Labor structure for BIM design
  2. Composition Task Details
    Project Manager Project in charge • In charge of Civil Engineering BIM for applying Design Paln to BIM
    • In charge of the entire BIM operations & schedule
    • Discuss on problems & come up with improvements
    BIM Manager BIM tech. support •BIM Use Technical Problem Solve
    • BIM Utilization Plan(Report) Design & Preparation
    •BIM All Category Model Data Management
    BIM User BIM Model
    BIM Library
    • All Category Model Creation (Allocation of employees for Breakdown work & Group work)
    •Required Family preparation for BIM works & Data collection for each Design level
    BIM Data Mainatenance & Analysis Apply edits • Improve accuracy & Analyze data of the created BIM Model
    • Discuss on & Organize problems
    • Modification

BIM Task Process

  1. 1. Planning stage
  2. • Visually rich project presentation of multiple design alternatives in 3D
    • Comparative review of multiple designs to produce more accurate designs and reports.
    • Communicate design intent clearly to stakeholders
    • Preparation and analysis of basic data
    • Build concept and basic planning models
  3. 2. Designing stage
  4. • Parametric modelling with 3D model base
    •Consistency on all design documents
  5. 3. Construction stage
  6. • Review app possible errors while construction on digital environment
    • Simulation by design model data integration
    • Efficient management by main process management
    • Complex process management systematized by process simulation
  7. 4. Maintenance stage
  8. • Structure maintenance by point cloud utilization
    • GIS based structure management

BIM Conversion Design Modeling

  1. A service that prepares and provides BIM information models of 3D shapes for design targets based on existing 2D design drawings (dwg).

Providing Service

    1. Building related modeling
    2. •Building & structure model
      • Building outer shape model
      • Room schedules & window schedules
    1. Civil Engineering/SOC related structure modeling
    2. • Create 3D surface models for raw, stone, and planned terrain.
      • Preparation of 3D models of civil/SOC linear facilities such as roads, railways, rainwater pipes, etc.
      • Preparation of 3D shape models for civil structures such as bridges, tunnels, and fogs
      • Quantity calculation based on 3D geometry
    1. Machine/Electricity related modeling
    2. • Piping & Air-conditioning facility
      • Facility schedule
    1. Etc.
    2. • BIM performance report/ BIM task report and order report
      • Clash detection report

Library drawing service

  1. A service that provides a library, such as the Revit Family / Civil3D Assembly, that is required for BIM drawing
    BIM models draw models by assembling different libraries(family, assembly)

Libraries by each category

Model/Library LOD(Level of Development)

  1. Precision of models according to construction stage (LOD 100 to 500)
  2. •LOD 100 – Conceptual Design Model Level (only graphical representation that does not satisfy LOD 200)
    • LOD 200 – Schematic feature model (including quantity, size, shape, location)
    • LOD 300 – Precision feature model (requirements related to dimensions, information excluding graphics)
    •LOD 350 – Precision Shape and Linkage Information Model (LOD300 + Other Systems)
    • LOD 400 – Production model level (inclusion of details, combinations, installation information, fabrication plot and machining level
    • LOD 500 – Completion Model (Proven on site, level where additional information can be linked)

Library Creation