Survey Master

Survey Master v1.0

  1. Survey Master v1.0 overview
  2. Formed of site-survey mode, survey result process, and result evaluation modes, it’s a cadastral special solution that collects data using Total Station, GPS, and more survey equipments on site, processes the survey result quickly and precisely, and evaluates the result comprehensively. It provides a variety of calculation features which acquire 2D and 3D based digital survey date and facility information to evaluate generalized shape blueprint and report.
  3. Survey Master v1.0 features
  4. Application CAD/GIS Engine
    Unification Elevates work flexibility by having site-survey feature and survey result process feature together. Technology Own CAD Engine (InfraCAD)
    • Own GIS Engine (AccuMap)
    Convenience Elevates user convenience by organizing direct ribbon menu according to work type and task priorities. Accessibility • Same interface & basic CAD drawing figures and architect features as AutoCAD
    • Good for additional user required development
    • Support for spatial computation process & multi-polygon object
    • 연속지적도 등 대용량 데이터 처리 및 속도 탁월
    Feedback Development environment with possible immediate user requirement reflection.
    • Survey equipment addition feature
    Modularization •Survey work & feature-sorted categorization
    • Elevation of maintenance & addtional development convenience
    Compatibility Support for a variety of file formats for survey tasks
    - survey preparation file (CIF)
    - CAD/GIS files (GDB, VEC)
    - Present Condition file (SVY), result file(KSp)
    Support for common CAD s/w file format (DXF, DWG)
  5. Survey Master v1.0 Main Application Task
  6. Survey Master v1.0 주요 기능
    1. Survey Equipment Connection
    2. • A variety of Total Station equipments connection. For example, SOKKIA, TOPCON, TRIMBLE, LEICA, NIKON...etc.
      • GPS equipments connection. For example, SOKKIA, TOPCON, TRIMBLE...etc.
      •Simultaneous connections between Total Station & GPS equipments
    1. Observation & Present Condition Adjustment
    2. • Standardization function(station mark, backsight point setting)
      •Observation function(side point, direction point, connection point creation)
      •Servey function
      •Present condition adjustment
    1. General Survey Tasks
    2. Support for portion survey, boundary restoration survey, present condition survey
      Control & boundary point management, connection function
      Performance input function
    1. Conclusion survey / Resurvey task
    2. •Support for conclusion survey
      •Support for Resurvey
      Control & boundary point management, connection point function
      •Design frame management, Coordinates registration function
    1. Report/ Result / Performance output
    2. • Result/ Performance compile & output
      •Compile ground boundary point registration, boundary observation paper
      •Compile area confirmation report, comprehensive confiirmation map
      •Compile boundary confirmation notice, Resurvey area report
    1. Control point survey & diverse calculation function
    2. triangulation, sub-triangulation, topographic control survey
      straight line, straight line furniture, center-line, curve-line, center point, repetition method, boundary method, intersection multinet calculations, net management, topographic point net compiling
      intersection point calculation
  7. Survey Master v1.0 compare to other products
  8. category Survey Master v1.0 Other Products
    Program Installation ESD (Electonic E-mail Software Delivery) Remote Control(Equipment Authentication Code)
    Program Management Survey -> Calculation & Design (2 Steps) Survey -> Calculation -> Design (3 Steps)
    Survey Ready File Process Survey ready file use & coordinates input through other program possible Possible use after getting coordinates from other programs
    Task Creation All processes made y one task name under survey process mode Two creations of task name calculation program & program for processing
    Confirmation related report All documents print out possible Only confirmation Order report can be printed out
    DAT creation Set area error application & DAT combining possible Set area error application & DAT combining impossible
  9. Survey Mater v1.0 Operation Environment
  10. Processor Intel Pentium 4 / AMD Athlon / Intel or AMD Dual Core Processor and above
    HDD Over Installation size 1Gb
    OS Windows XP / 7.0 / 8.1 / 10.0
    Graphics card 1280x1024 42bit color video display adaptor 128MB and above, Supports OpenGL® or Direct3D®
    Total Station & GPS TOPCON, SOKKIA, LEICA, TRIMBLE, NIKON Total Station equipments supported
    TOPCON, SOKKIA, TRIMBLE GPS equipments supported
  11. ※ *TRIMBLE Equipment S3, S6 Models can use this program after stalling Trimble Installation Manager