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Desktop & Application Virtualization

  1. Desktop Virtualization
  2. Desktop virtualization allocates a personal workspace to a server and centrally integrates data in a way that users access and use. It is a solution that makes it easier to integrate(remove) and manage corporate resources.
  1. Main details
  2. In today’s work environment, the boundary between the company and the house is disappearing, so you can use your smartphone, tablet PC, laptop and PC at home or outside and people’s needs of wanting to work in the same work environment as the company are increasing. In addition, users understand that desktop virtualization technology can provide a faster and more efficient work environment and increase productivity. Citrix Xendesktop provides fast, secure service to any device. All of this is a solution with a flexible technology unique to Citrix XenDesktop that provides IT departments with services for all types of virtual desktops.
  1. Pros
  2. Use on all devices whenever & wherever

    • With Citrix Receiver, users can access virtual desktop from PC, Mac, Thin Client, or Smartphone.
      This improves perfect work place’s flexibility, business sustainability, and user mobility.
  3. HDX user experience

    • High reliability and improved availability through a variety of networks on all devices provide a high-quality user experience.
  4. FlexCast

    • We offer difference types of virtual desktops(VDI) to all users with difference devices. Each desktop is custom-designed to meet performance, security, and flexibility requirements, providing an optimal desktop to all users anytime and anywhere.
  5. Open Architecture

    • ZenDesktop works with your existing hypervisor, storage, and Microsoft infrastructure, so you can leverage your current assets efficiently and it gives you the great flexibility you need to add or change alternative structures in the future.
    • Whether you are using Xenserver, Microsoft Hyper-v, Vmware ESXi, it supports all product lines. It also uses StoregeLink to simplify network storage management.
  1. Supportable diverse platforms

    • Citrix XenServer
    • Microsoft Hyper-V
    • VMware vSphere
    • Amazon AWS
    • CloudPlatform
    • Microsoft Azure (coming soon)

    You can select and use the optimal platforms you want
  1. Expected Effects
  2. • Centralized enterprise desktop management
    • Centralization of applications and data
    • Secure desktop security, management flexibility, and reliability
    • Providing desktop environment regardless of location and client access environment
  1. Application Example
  1. Background

    • The need for data protection as security accidents occur frequently in financial sectors
  2. Solutions

    • Citrix XenServer
    • Citrix XenDesktop
  3. Result

    • Use desktop virtualization, which was used only in guest rooms, service centers, and training centers, as a platform for internal and external partners
    • It is composed of 8 servers and 8 system storage including DDC server, web server, 3 application servers, and manages 200 terminals by assigning them to 8 Zendesktops
    • By using virtual desktops of over 200 IT employees, the company prevents leakage of internal information and safely develops systems
    • When accessing the work system from outside, such as telecommuting and emergency work, it is possible to check the emergency system linked with SL VPM
    • When using outsourcing companies, create a flexible work environment and increase work efficiency and productivity by paying a virtual PC when developers enter and work at the headquarters

    “With central desktop management, we can further enhance desktop security against corporate sensitive information and data breaches, while meeting our oversight regulations. In particular, as management tasks are quickened, system management support is available 24 hours a day, which is helping to provide smooth customer service.” – Hyndai Sotck firm infrastructure system department IT security team person –2020-04-28
  1. Main Screen
  2. XenDesktop Login screen
  3. XenDesktop Logged in screen

  1. XenApp
  2. Citrix XenApp empowers users on-demand self-service for enterprise applications. Used by more than 100 million people worldwide, XenApp is an application building solution that virtualizes, centralizes, and manages all Windows applications in the data center and enables users to deliver applications as services, wherever they are and on any device.
  1. Main details
  2. In the past, the typical office environment was a form of ‘application distribution’ in which individuals own and manage applications, and as the type of applications used varied and became complicated, the cost required to operate them also had no choice but to increase.
    And in order to solve the shortcomings of this existing method, there is an increasing demand for ‘a method of supplying applications in the form of a service’, and as a result ‘application virtualization’ technologies such as Citrix, XenApp are gradually drawing attention.

    Because Citrix XenAPP runs all applications and data on a central server, it has advantages such as ease of user PC management, prevention of data leakage, and enhancement of the central management function of data.
    In addition, compared to a typical office environment, administrators can save time on installing, updating, and patching applications. In particular, in recent days, with the increasing demand for telecommuting and remote work, we provide a smart work environment that enables work anytime, anywhere.
  1. Pros
  2. Business continuity/ productivity/ infrastructure optimization

    • Any device, anywhere
    • Quick building of standardized ‘new system’ when new task application & error occurs
    • Easy operation possible even with little knowledge about system
  3. Ease of Management

    • Easy management, maintenance, and control of work programs
    • Can be used regardless of equipment and application platform
    • Application upgrades and easy deployment of new applications
  4. Security/ Regulation Compliance/ Disaster Recovery Management

    • Security of important documents and fundamental block of document leakage by central management of data
    • Application audit function
    • No personal backup of documents required, centralized management for disaster recovery
  5. Cost reduction/ Green IT

    • Increased PC replacement cycle due to increase in Desktop Lifecycle, reduced management cost, and easy software management
    • Increased ROI/ Reduced TCO – Loss due to data loss and leakage, IT management cost reduction
    • Cost reduction due to reduced network bandwidth(actual data values are not transmitted)
    • When operating Thin Client, power cost is reduced by up to 80~90% compared to PC environment
  1. Expected Effects
  2. • Security : Secure external access/ Collaboration with central management, data security from external access
    • Access : Application remote access using Mobile, Bring Your Own Device, and branch support
    • Centralization : Reduce application control and management costs, deliver on-demand applications to users regardless of location, and improve data and Application security by secured access
  1. XenApp structure(Application virtualization)
  1. Application Example
  2. Background

    • Building a smart working center of Hyundai Marine & Fire Insurance, a business support system for tablet PC based on application virtualization, needs to adopt a more flexible work environment and maximize business productivity
  3. Solution

    • Citrix XenApp
  4. Result

    • Access to corporate applications anytime, anywhere with security
    • Work productivity greatly improved by being able to work with the same user interface(UI) regardless of device type
    • When designing insurance through meetings with customers, their mobile devices can immediately access the corporate insurance sales system or view Windows PC-based documents in real time to improve customer service and service quality
    • Providing safe services from various security threats to mobile terminal devices
    • Application developers can develop applications on the basis of Windows PC, thus improving the simplicity and efficiency of development.

    “With mobile virtualization solutions, external designers can easily and securely access corporate systems without the need to change or install existing applications, which has revolutionized the existing insurance business system environment. Through this, designers can freely utilize customer product information, etc., while still benefiting from maintaining internal information security safely.”
    – Hyundai Marine & Fire Insurance person –
  1. Main screen
  2. XenApp application screen
  3. XenApp + Desktop connected environment