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PC Virtualization

  1. XenClient
  2. Citrix XenClient expands desktop virtualization concept to enterprises’ laptops and PC so the employees can work on their tasks whenever and wherever they are. And it is an outstanding and flexible product that can utilize OA, GPU-using CAD tasks under bad network connections using the resources of the device itself.
  1. Main details
  2. As the competency is mostly affected by the efficient operation of PC, Laptop, Netbook, Tiny PCs & centralization and asset protection of core technology, design drawing, technology data, documents, the cost of operation is increasing so the small and mid-sized businesses are losing their assets due to weak data management and document security made by resigning employees.
    In order to solve this kind of problems, we install hypervisor and download standardized OS from the centralized management server in personal PCs or laptops.
    Documents can be OS restored within few minutes when auto-save error occurs since the centralized management server update system is set.
    In addition, when devices are lost, centralized policies can delete the entire OS within the user’s PC to prevent data leaking problems.
    Recently, there are burdens on video, graphic supports which is one of the weak points of PC virtualization but XenClient supports physical graphic to perfectly solve this virtualization issue.
  1. Application subjects
  2. • Enterprise PC & laptop that needs security
    • Enterprise, institution, education & academy centers
    • Small and Mid-sized enterprises requiring auto document save
    • Public PC, offices
    • Shift labor personal PC
  1. Pros
  2. Flexible Distribution method

    • Master Image OS stays within central management server data center and uses D/L local resources on PC to keep its high performance
      (good for backup & restoration)
    • Share/Customization/Use for the same image possible
  3. Improved User Experience

    • Fast navigation Chrome environment
    • Multiple virtualization machine instant switch possible
    • Utilization of local resource devices, high compatibility with other equipment
    • Easy user verification(Single Sign-On)
    • High performance for game, Photoshop, Illustrator, CAD, and more by using Local resource graphic
  4. Safe storing for user data

    • Utilized OS image is provisioned and managed by the center
    • Quick restoration when error or problem occurrence by using centralized management server’s OS
    • Policy application by Synchronizer & AD of the center
  1. Expected effects
  2. • Central document management & security using central management server
    • Included media control function
    • Automatic Data deletion in case of device loss to prevent document leakage
    • Cost reduction by restoration within few minutes in case of PC management & error situations by the same s/w application policy
    • Save time and cost for PC management
  1. ZenClient Structure(Client Virtualization)
  1. Main Screen