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CAD & Graphic Virtualization

  1. Graphic Virtualization
  2. Logical separating NVIDIA Graphic Card(Graphic resource) and utilizing GPU to each Virtual Machine within virtualization environment using Citrix solution ‘XenDesktop & APP’ to support CAD & Graphics, Design, Viewng S/W, Video & e-Learning. You can improve work collaboration, data security, efficiency by graphic virtualization solution.
  1. Main details
  2. Recently, the importance of data & design data security has been deciding enterprises’ success and failure. In order to protect data, enterprise’s asset, they are prevent data leaking from collaborations or physical contact while operating projects with outer businesses by having graphic virtualizations and it is even to fundamentally block and secure their data assets. Moreover, 3D Graphic virtualization’s technology & installation have been less costing so it is widely applicable and it allows your to work on 3D virtualization environments whenever and wherever you are to take actions to your customer’s requirements and improve work efficiency to improve your enterprise’s profits.

    * HDX 3D Pro with OpenGL / DirectX acceleration : Expandable GPU acceleration rendering
      • High performance GPU share for OpenGL, OpenCL, DirectX, and CUDA
      • NVIDIA/AMD/Intel Direct Graphic Driver & Hardware access
      • Cost-efficient multi-user Windows Server 2008R2/2012 platform
  1. Graphic virtualization subjects
  2. • Light & Heavy 3D Graphics application user
    • Designer who needs fast respond speed
    • High volume graphic component rendering user
    • When multiple users are using one Workstation
    • When remote WAN environment connection & collaboration is required
  1. Expected effects
  2. Security & Compliance

    • Core design data, technology, drawing…etc. run/save/edit on virtualization environment
    • Clear management on license, possible software installation restriction
    • Possible collaboration without transferring design data to cooperating businesses
    • Data leak prevention by centralization
  3. Management

    • Centralized management by OS & applications
    • Depletion on time needed for reinstall, new user system support(OS, application installation)
    • Quick work support & low cost management for education center or training center
  1. Structure
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