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Network Separation Business

Network Separation Business

  1. overview
  2. ‘Net Separation’ means separating networks into ‘2 levels’, internal work net(Intranet) and external net(Internet) and operating them. This method has a strong point in terms of security by taking technical action to block hackers from reaching into internal work net in advance of situations in which they successfully reach the enterprises PC through the internet.

    Network separation technique is consisted of ‘Physical net separation’ and ‘logical net separation.’

  3. • Physical Net Separation : One user utilizes 2 PC’s by switching using 2 or more network cards or change-over switches.

    • Logical Net Separation : 1) Client based net separation(VDI method): Internet field & work field separation by PC virtualization

    2) Server based net separation(OS Kernel separation method): User internet on server and PC only outputs the screen

  4. Expected effects
  5. 1. IT asset protection : Internet hacking & zombie PC prevention, access status & log stats and reporting
  6. 2. Information leak prevention : Data leak by internet prevention, USB,CD/DVD, printer…etc. other device control for information leak prevention
  7. 3. Work productivity : Provides the same PC environment as before
  8. Implementation Process
  9. System build procedure
  10. 1. Status Analysis : Accurate understanding of current status of the relevant business, corporation, financial world
  11. 2. Business area setting : Estimation of cost, time, labor force needed for building & all other situations
  12. 3. Internet PC environment build : Internet PC setting according to the analysis result on number of people, PC usage status, and performance.
  13. 4. Security environment build : Detailed examination on security system’s components, main features, compatibility with the existing internet connection needed for physical net separation.
  14. 5. Network environment build : Detailed status analysis on network environment build for new internet & precise requirements for network equipment and internet connection.
  15. 6. Estimate required budget: Estimate the budget required fitting for the business scale
  16. System structure
  17. Net-separation business required S/W
  18. Net-separation business required Solutions NetHelper V7.0
    1. DLP System (Document Centralization) Document Management
    2. DRM System (Medium Control) Security Management
    3. PMS System (Patch System) Patch Management
    4. NAC System (IP Management System) IP Management
    5. PSI System (Personal Info Protection) Personal Info Management
  19. NetHelper V7.0 has the essential systems of the network isolation business, and all of these systems can be managed across the enterprise by an integrated agent, providing a better management experience.