1. Business Overview
  2. • Implementation of efficient management of construction and local government repair facilities by promoting system upgrade in
       preparation for unified management of agricultural infrastructure
    • Support for systematic and comprehensive water management by enhancing the accuracy of construction project promotion and key
       agricultural initiatives by providing efficient support for the issuance of statistical yearbooks, improving the technical environment of the
       system and enhancing the level of information management.
    • Used S/W
       Base Structure: Web Internet
       Development language- JSP, .NET, JAVA, HTML
       DBMS - Oracle 10g
       GIS – Server(Engine) : MapGuide Server 6.3, ArcGIS 10.1, Client : MapX (MapInfo)
    • Orderer – Korea Rural Community Corporation
  1. Main Features
  2. • Unified Management System for Agricultural Infrastructure Management
    • Efficiently support the publication of statistical yearbooks and establish a process for transferring data to local governments
    • Implementing advanced search capabilities based on big data
    • DB-formation of Infiltration Zone Space Information for Disaster Prevention (Pilot Construction)
    • Development of Mobile Safety Inspection System
    • Enhance user convenience with the latest information technology
  1. Expected Effects
  2. • Standardized DB sharing and information system interconnection to prevent redundant investments and ensure reliability
    • Improve data accuracy and work efficiency by improving convenience in issuing genealogy.
    • Improving work efficiency by systemizing agricultural infrastructure and water management tasks
    • Improve user satisfaction
  1. Main Screen
  2. • Facility data
  1. • Genealogy

  1. business outline
  2. The construction business management system is an information system that supports the construction project management system ranging from the survey design, construction and maintenance of agricultural infrastructure projects conducted by the Korea Rural Community Corporation, and is a core business management system of the Korea Rural Community Corporation that incorporates the latest Web GIS technology.
  3. • Project Title – Construction Business Management System
    • Development Environment - OS: NUIX/NT, DB:ORACLE 10G
    • Used S/W - Autodesk Mapguide, OC4J
    • Orderer – Korea Rural Community Corporation
  1. Main Features
  2. • Survey/Design, Construction, Maintenance, Business management..etc. construction business management
    • Document/drawing management & electronic documents management
    • Facility shape information management & site screen monitoring function
    • Cyber situation room 7 community function
  1. Expected Effects
  2. • Improvement of Work Process Efficiency due to Computerization of Supervision Work in Site Construction
    • Efficient business management through standardization of construction management and improvement of work system
    • Establishment of a Rapid Construction Management Field Support System through System
    • Advanced construction quality and transparent business management through rapid information exchange and monitoring of construction
       sites using web GIS
  1. Main Screen
  2. • Main page
  1. • Construction Project Facility Management & Site monitoring using web GIS

  1. Overview
  2. This is a location-based pavement management system for providing comfortable and safe roads to road users.
  3. • What Location-based pavement management system?
       A new concept management system that supports maintenance decision making by linking the highway milestones with the pavement
       management system and providing the various pavement information on a three-dimensional basis.
  1. Main Features
  2. • Various packaging cabinet information can be viewed in three dimensions by establishing a user interface for packaging management that
       is linked based on spatial information.
    • Users can check the current location of electronic maps at the highway site and inquire and enter the pavement survey results and repair
       status information.
  1. Expected Effects
  2. • Ensure durability of pavement and maintain structural function of packaging
    • Improving traffic safety, including preventing traffic accidents caused by poor pavement.
    • Improve customer satisfaction by ensuring road driving and maintaining comfort
  1. Main Screen
  2. • Main Page
  1. • A Study on Maintenance History Information by Year and Development of Appearance Survey Network Service through a Straight Line

  1. Overview
  2. This portal system is a GIS-based electronic mapping system that accurately identifies comprehensive information such as the status of slope, history of collapse, and slope to be observed, and improves efficiency of management tasks.
  3. Main Features
  4. • Visual management of slope across the country through electronic maps
    • Easily provide important information such as slope grade and history of collapse through electronic map
    • Fast and easy-to-use intuitive menu system
  5. Expected Effects
  6. • Efficiently reshape the existing work system of slope maintenance
    • Screen standardization provides user-centric, intuitive systems
    • Establishing a Systematic Foundation Using Electronic Guidance
  1. Main Screen
  2. • Main Page

  1. Overview
  2. This information system is designed to respond to real-time disaster situations and support decision-making by utilizing internal and external related information, such as spatial information, for the management of storm-flood damage and snow-damage on highways.
    It provides three-dimensional and comprehensive disaster management content that can be quickly addressed in accordance with disaster situations.
  1. Main Features
  2. • Provide real-time highway precipitation information and various weather conditions - hourly precipitation, daily precipitation, temperature,
       humidity, wind direction/wind speed, etc.
    • Provide typhoon status information in conjunction with Korea Meteorological Administration
    • Highway real-time snow removal vehicle monitoring
    • Management of snow removal status by branch office unit line
  1. Expected Effects
  2. • Simplification of disaster response workflow
    • Establishing a proactive response system from post-reaction
    • Real-time management situation by disaster theme
  1. Main Screen
  2. • Main page
  3. • Snow damage situation board
  4. • Storm-flood damage situation board

  1. Overview
  2. This is a software development project that analyzes safety of road environment in a swift and objective manner.
  1. Main Features
  2. • Development of S/W Analysis and Integrated Safety Analysis for Road Traffic Safety Inspection
    • Development of Safety Analysis Techniques Considering Road Environment (Drawing, Safety Analysis)
    • Achieve reliability and data consistency through field test operation of development S/W
  1. Main Screen
  2. • Main page

  1. Overview
  2. The real-time parking reinforcement system based on smart devices responds to changes in the IT service environment, and is a project that seeks to secure competitiveness in parking control operations and improve confidence in crackdown data by providing support for various crackdown equipment currently in place, and integration of the crackdown management system in Seoul and its autonomous regions. Through this, we will enhance the performance and quality of the city's main parking control system and prepare the operating base for the integrated management system in the future.
  1. Main Features
  2. • Stable operation and maintenance of the Seoul Metropolitan Transportation Guidance Department and the crackdown system on illegal
       parking at six local universities
    • Stable operation and maintenance of control system through smartphone introduction (GIS establishment for spatial information analysis)
    • Steady operation and maintenance of a vehicle-type unmanned (CCTV) short-circuit system
  1. Expected Effects
  2. • Stable maintenance of equipment for controlling illegal parking vehicles to prevent obstacles in advance and ensure efficiency of
       crackdown operations with continuous education and technical support.
    • Real-time illegal parking control system based on smart devices quickly stabilizes and contributes to the spread of autonomous regions
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  2. • Main page
  3. • Detail Page