Clash Detector V1.0

Clash Detector V 1.0 is a process optimization 3rd party program for Autodesk Navisworks to run diverse clash checks for design diagram clash examination and to output the Report that can be used for actual services.

  1. Intuitive Interface
  2. Navisworks's Ribbon Menu makes integrated interfaces possible.
    CD Manager is consisted of Clash Review, Design Review, Tool in total of 3 work-categorized panels and each panel has the functions that the user needs.

Clash Review Main Features

  1. Execute Clash Check and report the info about Clash and its editing results.

  2. Clash Review
  3. After the Clash Check, it updates clash history, comment, update, and more.

    Entire Clash List View
    •  Selected Clash Group Process Percentage Information
    •  Selected Clash Group Update, Compact, Delete Functions
    •  Selected Clash Group Detailed Information
    •  Selected Clash Element's various View Mode Supported
    •  Selected Clash Group Detailed Information
    •  Selected Clash Element's various View Mode Supported

  4. Discipline
  5. Work Type auto categorization function for Clash Check.

  6. Clash Check
  7. Select the categorized works to perform clash check.

    •  Clash Group Title Setting
    •  PBS Element Clash Check
    •  Clash Check Option Selection Function
    •  Clash Object Name & Start Index Setting
    •  Clash Check Element Selection
    •  Clash Check Element Detailed Condition Setting
    •  Added condition save, load, refresh
    •  Group condition selection & application for Clash Check Result

  8. Clash Report
  9. Clash Check Elements exported in Excel Report.

    •  Export Excel Repor file list & Clash Sheet List to be created
    •  Report file, Clash Element Sheet adding, deleting function
    •  Export Clash List in Excel Report
    •  Report Preview Function for Selected Clash Elements
    •  Shape Images other than Clash Elements can be grayed
    •  Clash Comment saving function for xcel Sheet;s Comment editing
    •  Report Elements Simplification(Index & Counting Information Export)
    •  Auto Index saving function for Selected Report List Element

Clash Review Main Features

  1. Clash Check & Report settings value input function is given .

  2. Viewpoints
  3. Selected Clashes can be converted to Viewpoint so they can be reviewed on Navisworks Simulate, Freedom.

    • Rule Set
    • PBS, Discipline Insulation, Management Folder, and more setting functions for Clash Check & Report.

      Discipline files add, delete, apply functions(Rule Set files can be created in folder-structure forms in Local PC or shared Folder)

    • Option
    • Diverse Discipline Rule Set Files Management Functions.

      Common : PBS, Bay & Management Folder Settings
      •  Discipline : Work-type Setting & Model Detailed Info Search Setting
      •  Insulation Settings
      •  Export, Load, and Save functions for the entire Settings

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