Intelligent 3D PDF
for Navisworks

Navisworks is an Add-on program that Extracts only a part of the model,
or surrounding objects to 3D PDF.

Also, the clash check report is extracted as a 3D PDF so that the result of intervention can be reviewed in 3D only by Adobe leader, which is a free viewer.
In addition, extracting parts of the model with GA drawings will allow you to review the in-draw tag and the corresponding tag
item in 3D.

Object Exporter

Export the selected 3D Objects & Surrounding Objects(Optional)

Clash Check Exporter

Clash Check Report Exported in 3D

GA Drawing Exporter(2D & 3D Merged)

Intelligently Connected 2D Tags & 3D Objects

ISO Drawing Exporter(2D & 3D Merged)

Easily Understandable 3D ISO Drawing Creation