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If you are having problems with old complex time-consuming rendering programs or outsourcing, Lumion can be the best solution for you.

That’s why you need Lumion

Lumion will minimize your budget & time

Even the complex 3D modellings easily! From design to PT!

• Supported formats
  - 3D models: DAE, FBX, MAX, 3DS, OBJ, DWG, DXF
  - Images: TGA, DDS, PSD, JPG, BMP, HDR and PNG images
  - Lightmaps from AutoDesk® 3DS Max®
  - Animated models from AutoDesk® 3DS Max® via FBX format (Move/Rotate/Scale)
  - COLLADA exporter plugin for Revit®

Real time expression of realistic weather & environment change

Lumion is a GPU-based program with maximized 3D interface strong points that expresses real time changes. Optimized 3D rendering technique can very easily express the 3D models formed by millions of polygons in real time. More realistic than real expression is possible by providing animations of 28 land creation presets, 6 water shapes, sea(wind, wave sizes…etc.) sunlights with possible option settings, sun, sky, and cloud changes.

Abundant model library

You can give life to your masterpieces very easily as children playing games with hundreds of 3D objects and animated models. Trees blowing in the wind, cars moving, people walking around, buildings, many objects on streets, and more expressions are possible. Total of 2078 libraries(Pro ver.) are provided including FX effect included objects such as 82 different smoke and fire, lights and fountains and 459 different trees.

Video Output over Full HD

Fast rendering time of 10 seconds per Full HD(maximum 2,560x 1,440) video creation, possible max. 7680 x 4320 pixel High Quality image extraction. Lumion-only video editor function allows you to create awesome video clips just like movie directors very easily. You can click the shutter just as you are taking a photo at the point you want. Lumion will automatically make it to be like a photo taken by a pro. Then, apply overlay images, filters, or special effects. With those simple controls, you can make an awesome masterpiece that can’t be found anywhere else in the world to your client.

System Recommendations

• OS : Windows 7, 8 (64-bit)
• System memory : Above 6GB
• Graphics card : NVidia 460GTX / Above ATI 5850 & 1GB MEMORY
• Harddrive : 5.5GB of disk space

Lumion Standard & Pro Comparison

  1. Description LUMION® LUMION® PRO
    3D Modelling Support Format (3D Model Import) :
    Image Support Format (Image Import) :
    Light Map Support Format
    (E.g. From AutoDesk 3D Studio Max)
    2D Background Sound / music import(WAV)
    Video Map (MP4 video as texture)
    MP4 Export Size (Output to MP4) Max 2560×1440p
    (Max 2560×1440p)
    Max 2560×1440p
    (Max 2560×1440p)
    Export Image Sequence
    (Output to image sequence)
    Max 2560×1440p
    (Max 2560×1440p)
    Max 2560×1440p
    (Max 2560×1440p)
    Export Image Sequence
    (Output to print resolution imange)
    Max 7680×4320p
    (Max 7680×4320p)
    Max 7680×4320p
    (Max 7680×4320p)
    Depth Map / Normal Map / Lighting Map / Sky Alpha Map
    Export (Output to depth-maps, normalmaps, lighting map, sky alpha map)
    Output for post-processor and compositing software X
    Realtime Screen Output
    (Output to real-time walk-through via Lumion FREE)
    MP4 Background Music, Sound Output
    (Output of background music/sound in MP4)
    Background rendering mode
    Land Map (Custom terrain materials sets)
    User-Defined Land Texture
    (Custom terrain texture import)
    Easy Exchange of Lumion Projects among Pro Users
    (Easy exchange of Lumion projects between Pro users)
    Model library
    • Plants and trees (affected by wind)
    • Transport models (Cars, busses, boats etc)
    • Exterior models (Street furniture, buildings etc)
    • (Street furniture, buildings etc)
    • Interior models (Furniture, decoration etc)
    • Animated adults (Walk cycles or idle animations)
    • Animated animals (Birds, farm animals, pets, fish)
    • Children (not animated)
    • 3D people & animal silhouettes
    • 3D animal silhouettes
    • 2D people silhouettes
    709 models 2078 models
    High quality animated characters 32
    3D Sound Effects
    • Ambient sounds (nature, locations, etc)
    • People
    • Things (Cars, machines, etc)
    Materia library : 518 materials
    • 459 stock materials
    • 50 terrain materials
    • 9 customizable material types (water, glass, billboard, lightmap etc)
    Environment & Weather
    • 28 Landscape types
    • 6 Water types
    • Customizable weather (Cloud cover, sun position etc)
    • 1 Ocean with waves slider, turbidity, color etc
    • 1 Waterfall material
    Scene editor
    • Easy model placement
    • Intuitive material editing
    • Landscape editing and rendering
    • Advanced sky and cloud rendering
    • Realistic water rendering
    20 Scene Layers
    Movie editor
    • Intuitive camera animation editor
    • Animated models
    • Sun/sky animations
    • Add title screens, scene and post processor effects
    • 3D output for side-by-side stereoscopic 3D playback
    • Animation import(move/rotate/scale animations via FBX files)
    • Advanced animation(Curved animations, multiple keyframes)
    • Animated cross section
    • Sky Drop effect
    Movie Effects
    • Smart sharpen  • Painting
    • Depth of field
    • Lens flare  • Watercolor
    • Sketch  • Manga
    • Rain  • Snow
    • Handheld camera
    • Contrail  • Fisheye
    • Chromatic Abberations
    • White Balance
    • Selective Saturation
    Special effects : 82 effects
    • 29 Examples of fountains and “water walls”
    • 16 Examples of fire effects
    • 20 Examples of smoke effects
    • 5 Examples of dust effects
    • 6 Examples of fog effects
    • 6 Examples of steam effects
    Internet connection required
    Commercial use (royalty free)

The Basics

Lumion Basics

This procedure is the most basic procedure of Lumion.

Move your screen, load models, render them
.Learn those basics.

Building Your World

Creating Basic Environment

Before making videos, you need to make the Basic Environment for Recording.

We teach all methods for you to create Your World
inside of Lumion.

Creating Videos

Creating Videos

Creating Videos with Lumion is easier than you think.

In this process, you will learn how to create each scene
and how to add camera path and effects.

Creating Stills

Making a Still Shot

In the process, you can quickly create still-shot images.

You will learn how to save a captured image to a file through
camera manipulation.

Applying Materials

Applying Materials

Material libraries allow you to quickly apply materials
to your model.

You can use waterfalls as well as special materials that
allow your model to blend in with the terrain.

Applying Effects

Applying Effects

Lumion has an amazing effect not seen in
other video editing programs.

Use this process to explore the various effects of Lumion.

Tips And Tricks

Lumion Tips

This is a special course for those who use Lumion well or
want more sophisticated controls.