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NetHelper v7.0

NetHelper v7.0 elevates productivity on tasks by providing systematic managements on a variety of assets(software, hardware, real assets) within an enterprise and prevents unexpected loss by unnecessary asset usage. Not only managing security vulnerabiliy through removable storages, email, and other applications but it also manages and controls all parts of distribution, patch, print, IP, documents, error process, power, class management and more from the center to achieve a comprehensive PC management.

NetHelper v7.0 Management Screen

  • Strong points
  • Accurate Asset Comhrehension
    Agent comprehends the accurate present condition of a PC and its S/W & H/W.
  • Comprehensive Agent Management
    Single Agent can perform PC comprehensive management.
  • MID&UID Management
    Provides accurate asset comprehension & history trace functions by managing user and IT assets separately
  • Multiple Administrator
    Creating multiple administrator can improve the administrator’s effcient control & work efficiency.
  • Software center
    Includes about 30K diverse software DB.(Regular Update)
  • Online/Offline policies
    Even when the Agent loses connection to the server, it can still continue its policies through offline policies


Asset Pack
Security Pack
Patch Pack
Deploy Pack
Class Pack
Asset Management Security Management Patch Management Deploy Management Class Management
Deploy Management Patch Management Deploy Management Deploy Management
Print Management Restoratio Management
Document Management Agent Management
Power Management, Remote Control Management, Agent Management, Environment Management, Installation support Environment Management
Remote control Management

Operating system